Before I began my journey to a healthy life I was on five different medications.  At age 20, I was more than 30% body fat, weighing in at over 190 pounds.  I was taking medication for Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression, and Attention Deficit Disorder.  Not only was I heavily medicated, but I was also eating pounds of meat per day, my spine was curved in the wrong direction, and I didn’t exercise.  I thought I found health several times throughout my life, but it was health as America knows it, not true health our bodies crave.

My journey began through illness.  In the fall of 2010 I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks because I developed an allergy to milk protein.  I was coughing so hard from this allergy that I cracked ribs.  When I finally realized the allergy to milk was causing my deterioration in health, I cut it out of everything I ate and shed weight.  At the time, being thin was what I deemed as healthy.  The truth was, I was still on medication and unhappy, which didn’t feel healthy.

Next, I thought that I could achieve health without diet and that lifting weights would be enough for me to lose weight, my only goal.  I was working hard in the gym but I realized quickly that my diet was hindering my results.  So, I decided to eat a typical bodybuilder’s diet and ate a ton of eggs, chicken breast, and steak.  Although I was stronger and thinner, I still didn’t feel healthy.

Then, my best friend convinced me to buy a juicer in April 2013 and give up some of my red meats.  I was eating a lot of turkey breast, eggs, fish, and whole-wheat, things that most people think are healthy.  After 3 months of juicing I became sick again.  I didn’t know why I was sick because I thought I was eating healthy.  I saw a doctor but never got any solid answers.  My chiropractor thought maybe my body had cleansed out its ability to process unhealthy foods, so I gave up gluten, soy, and meat.  After only a few days I was feeling more energized and spending less time in bed.

Today I live most of my days as a gluten-free vegan.  One or two days a week I eat fish and very rarely I use eggs to cook with and treat myself to ice cream.  It has taken me years to get to this point in my life but I feel I have attained a new level of health that most people don’t know is possible.  But, I know I have thought before that I am healthy, and although my mind may change, I know how I feel now is the best I have ever felt.

Since I started juicing my skin is clear, I have more energy, the whites of my eyes are brighter, my eyes are greener, and I am truly happy without any medications.  My mental clarity is superior to any clarity I got from medication for ADD.  I have a stable mood that’s preset is happy.  I am now at 20% body fat and am 6 dress sizes smaller.  I can’t put into words how healthy feels, but I can share it with you.

March 2010

Age 20

190 pounds
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August 2013 

Age 23

150 pounds



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